Curtains replaced with Blinds and Shades in Modern Homes


Interior designing industry has boosted up and started rooting strong these days, as every individual is much more inclined towards style quotient in everything used. Most prominently the houses; right from the structure to the final finishing and interiors a very serious intervention of people is noticed. Working out things in a different way to a regular routine is appreciated, as part of this notion this updation of curtains to blinds or shades has come into picture.

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The key issue to address at this contest is “the amount of light needed in a room” filtering the amount of light to enter a particular room is not possible with curtains therefore opting for a blind or a shade need to be decided at the very first place.

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Blinds can be lowered or raised, tilted or angled to direct light into the room. Bathroom and kitchen are two areas where more light is needed. Living room, bed rooms light need to be adjusted as per our requirement. Living room light need to be controlled in such a way that the Tv light and the outside light does not contradict which in turn creates a vision problem. Bed room light need to be optimized as per the privacy needed.

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Shades are controlled by a pull chord system; going for a transparent shade or semitransparent or thicker shade is again need to be customized as per our requirement. Natural woven shades that come in various patterns and weaves offers less or more light coverage and are quiet interesting in creating rich texture to the room. Regulating room temperature by the type of shades used is a bonus; these are versatile and come in various patterns, textures and fabric weights.

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Trendy Fashion Styles to Follow


‘Fashion’ is a word been heard very often in all walks of life by young, middle aged and old. Every individual love to be informed about the latest trend of fashion been followed, whether the trendy fashion is adopted  by an individual or not, one can find few who admire, own and ignore but everyone loves to be informed about the latest fashion running in present scenario. Having said that I would love to bring some Fashion styles been followed over the ages.

Vintage Fashion Style:

The age old style nearly between 20’s and 70’s with flapper dresses to pinup clothing is adorable and is now the current style cycled up. As said, history repeats on its own with or without anyone’s due intervention making the saying true as old is gold.

Bohemian Fashion Style

Bohemian style is a non-traditional style that uses wild patterns on a tropical texture with more artistic, gypsy and hippie looks. This colorful style of dressing suits for a casual outing that embraces comfy and cool ambience. Shop in for more such variety of fashion wear at Jabong the one stop shop for fashion.


Chic Fashion Style

This type of style is all about being casual in not so casual way; this statement is a bit perplexed but this type of designs are more classy and gives more smart and striking look on appearance. Though the usage of colors is strong and mostly combined with lighter shaded cloths; appearance speaks everything about the stylish side on one self. Myntra is one such destination if you want to grab some stylish wear.