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Create Quizzes, Engage Students, Get Feedback, Take Action. Real-time learning analytics. Paperless. Easy. FREE.
ClickEinstein Plus is a mobile based solution to take real-time quizzes, engage each and every student and find learning patterns over the time.

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More About ClickEinstein

A simple yet fun loving instrument to bring out the Genius in you by helping you create your own quizzes.A free platform that aims to enable students succeed in real-time. ClickEinstein is a simple tool for creating fun quizzes. It enables teachers to get a clear view of students progress and need for re-education. It benefits are: improving eco footprint by reducing paper usage, saving questions and quizzes for future reference and wide accessibility. It helps change the face of learning by involving and testing the practical knowledge of students.   ClickEinstein»

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