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Find Dull with some rare sighting of a lizard or a rat sneaking by, unmoved and unfazed by the dullness
Despite the monotonous atmosphere, occasionally interrupted by the elusive presence of a lizard or a rat scurrying past, we couldn't help but wonder what was amiss. As self-proclaimed appreciators of art, we soon realized that our surroundings lacked the creative essence we craved. It perplexed us that while many people hold a fondness for art and acknowledge its merits, they still keep it at arm's length.

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As we sat, fixated on the walls and roofs encompassing our existence, a sense of monotony enveloped us. Occasionally, our eyes would catch a glimpse of a lizard or a rat scurrying by, seemingly undisturbed by the perpetual dreariness. In the midst of this, a thought persisted: What is lacking within us? Despite our appreciation for art, we found ourselves surrounded by its scarcity. It seemed that many others shared this sentiment, admiring art from afar,  Graphicurry Store»